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Harley Sues Affliction For Trademark Infringement

affliction bar and shield harley-davidson infringment lawsuit

California based clothing company Affliction is in hot water with Harley-Davidson after selling what Harley says is clothing that too closely resembles the Bar and Shield trademark. 

If the lawsuit is successful, Affliction would have to destroy existing products with infringing images; cover the cost of corrective advertising, pay Harley $2 million per trademark per type of product, pay Harley any profits it earned from infringing items, pay compensatory and punitive damages and pay Harley’s attorney fees.

Harley is claiming Affliction has been selling almost 2 dozen products that infringe on their trademarks.

Harley is no stranger to court fights over its trademarks. In the last two years the company has sued Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and online retailers SunFrog and GearLaunch

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