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Miami-Dade Commission Beats DUI Charge In Court

In less time than it takes to ride down Duval Street during the annual Fantasy Fest, a Key West jury cleared Miami-Dade Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz, 55, for drunk driving charge that stemmed from a September arrest.  According to police reports, Diaz was pulled over after he was clocked riding his Harley-Davidson at 74 mph in a 30 mph zone.  The video is the officers body cam.

In a report on Keys Info Net, Diaz said “It’s embarrassing to be arrested,” Diaz said, referring to his arrest video, taken with a police body cam. “I’m not proud of a lot of those moments, but I’ve learned from them.”

Diaz told police he had only a rum and Coke and a glass of champagne before getting on his Harley and on Wednesday told reporters he doesn’t trust the breath-alcohol machines.

His attorney, Christopher Lyons told the jury that his client could not have operated his Harley-Davidson at that speed if he was drunk and the video from the police officer's body cam nor dash cam did not prove impairment.  “LeBron James could not do these exercises today in this court, It’s a kangaroo court designed for failure to justify an arrest.”


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