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The Prince Picks a Harley and Heads to Vegas

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England’s Prince Harry lit up the British tabloids this weekend when the news surfaced of him renting a Harley-Davidson Softtail Classic and hitting the road for a weekend party in Vegas, and hooking up with an unidentified 20-year-old blonde.  Just the sort of thing that American celebrities do all the time, but not quite the way a proper member of the Royal Household is supposed to behave.

The Prince is nearing the end of his eight-week helicopter course at Gila Bend Air Force base in Imperial Valley, Arizona, where he is undergoing advanced training as an Apache pilot.

Harry’s security escort was close by, but not hovering so close that he couldn’t enjoy the desolation of the desert during the ride.  The bike was rented from Hacienda Harley-Davidson in Scottsdale Arizona.

After the 300 mile trip from Scottsdale to Vegas, the Prince and three friends were spotted at the Tryst club in the Wynn Casino at 1.30am yesterday, drinking Grey Goose vodka and dancing with an unidentified blonde.  The group left around 3:30 am. be young, beautiful and rich.
More photos at the UK Daily Mail

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